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Celebration of Scholarship

Celebration of Scholarship at Rutgers University–New Brunswick Libraries highlights ​and celebrates the accomplishments of Rutgers–New Brunswick authors and creators. At this event, 2022–2023 published books, book chapters, journal articles, recordings, and more will be displayed in physical and virtual spaces at Douglass Library. With this celebration, we salute scholarly accomplishments ​across the wide range of disciplines. 

Winner of the Inaugural Robert Mortensen Award by the Rutgers University Press and Keynote speaker: Distinguished Professor Camilla Townsend, Department of History - New Brunswick. 

Event co-sponsors: Office of the Chancellor - Rutgers New Brunswick, Rutgers University Press, Rutgers - New Brunswick Libraries and Margery Somers Foster Center 


Camilla Townsend and Micah Kleit

Camilla Townsend. History and inaugural Robert Mortensen Award winner and event keynote.
Micah Kleit. Director, Rutgers University Press
Dee Magnoni and Gary Rendsburg

Dee Magnoni. Assoc. University Librarian for New Brunswick Libraries
Gary Rendsburg. Jewish Studies
Table display of some books submitted for the 2023 event

Books submitted
Alexandra Riemer, Paul Israel, Peter Mickulas

Alexandra Riemer. Thomas Edison Papers
Paul Israel. Thomas Edison Papers
Peter Mickulas. Rutgers University Press
Dan Delmonaco, Amanda Eubanks, Shelley Zhang, Bret McCandless

Dan Delmonaco, Rutgers Libraries-RBHS
Amanda Eubanks. Music (chair)
Shelley Zhang. Music
Bret McCandless. New Brunswick Libraries
Jeff Carroll, Jim Niessen, Tom Glynn, Mei Ling Lo

Jeff Carroll. Assistant Vice President for Scholarly Communication & Collections
Jim Niessen. New Brunswick Libraries
Tom Glynn. New Brunswick Libraries
Mei Ling Lo. New Brunswick Libraries