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I Remember

I Remember essays

During the early 1990s, the Seabrook Educational and Cultural Center reached out to current and past residents of Seabrook Farms for what it titled the "I remember" project. Residents were asked to create and submit personal narratives regarding their experiences at Seabrook Farms to document and help preserve its history.

In the "Public Histories of Detention and Mass Incarceration" course that met during the fall 2015 semester, each student selected one of the firsthand accounts submitted to the Seabrook Educational and Cultural Center for further interpretation. Students were asked to consider the following questions in particular:

  • What are the people, places, and things that shape the writer's memory?
  • What does their perspective suggest about how memories are formed?
  • What can we learn about Seabrook Farms as a historic site from this individual's perspective?

The essays in this section represent the interpretations and focus of their authors. Although they have been edited for clarity by Professor Andrew Urban and the undergraduate research assistants who worked on this exhibit after the semester's end - Sabah Abbasi and Amy Clark - whenever possible they have been left in their original forms.



Internment and Refugee Experiences

Labor and the Seabrook Corporation