Vertigo, by Lyn Ward: An Exhibition

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About this Website

"Vertigo, by Lynd Ward" represents a collaboration within the Rutgers University Libraries between Special Collections and University Archives and the Scholarly Communications Center, which ceased operations in 2016. The surfaces of the woodblocks were digitally photographed by staff of the SCC in September, 2002, using a Sony DSC-F707 camera with 5.0 megapixels, and in January, 2003, using the SCC's Phase One PowerPhase FX digital studio camera system. The original presentation files were in a deprecated image format and what remains are thumbnail-size jpeg images. The Project Director, Michael Joseph (rare books librarian), wrote the descriptive text, with assistance from Special Collections staff. Michael Joseph and Jeffery Triggs co-designed the original website. Sam McDonald designed the project’s current website.

Vertigo by Lynd Ward: image 30 block