Rutgers College and the American Revolution

Rutgers College and the American Revolution: Battle of Saratoga


The Battle of Saratoga seen by an eyewitness

portait of Simeon DeWitt Simeon DeWitt, a graduate of Queens College was present at the battle of Saratoga. In his letter to John Bogart, he eloquently reveals what it was like:

Burgoine from the North
Sir Harry Clinton from the South
St. Leger at fort Scuyler to the Westward
And Baum at Bennington to the Eastward
Intended to crush us at the Center...
I resolved rather gloriously to perish in the tempest...

But Mark the changing face of affairs
St. Leger rais'd the Seige
Baum was defeated.
Burgoine was taken
and Sir Harry retreated...

I wish my friend you had been at Saratoga when they surrendered. The most glorious grandest sight America ever beheld...
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Other letters from Simeon DeWitt portray his life while enrolled in the military: surveyingOpens in a new window the mountains while camped at New Windsor, New York; the "flogging of the enemy at Stony Point"; writing of a letter with the cacophony of drums in the backgroundOpens in a new window.