Rutgers College and the American Revolution

Rutgers College and the American Revolution: Queens College Graduates: 1774-1983


Rutgers and the American Revolution: Graduates

An American Revolutionary Scrapbook

The names of student graduates of Queens College are partial at best from the American Revolutionary War Period. But based on information from the Bogart letters and other sources, a list has been compiled.

Names with an asterisk * occur in an account of the commencement of 1774 as member of the senior class. Others listed in 1775 may have graduated as late as 1778.

Graduates A.B.

Mathew Leydt

David Annan*
Michael Best
Jasper Farmer *
Peter Kimble
Abraham Schenck
Henry Harris Schenk, Jr.
John H. Schenk
James Schureman * John Stagg, Jr.
Isaac Stoutenburgh
John Van Dyke*
Samuel Vickers*
Isaac Vredenburgh
John Wall

Simeon DeWitt

John Bogart
Nicholas Lansingh (Probable date)

Jeremiah Smith
Simeon Van Arsdalen
John W Bray
Mr. Courtlandt
Mr. Remsen
Mr. Stewart
Mr. Van Wyck

Timothy Blauvelt
1782 William Crooke
1782 Peter Leydt

Pierre Van Cortlandt Isaac Blauvelt
Michael D. Henry
John Martin Van Harlingen


Frederick Ferlinghuysen
Frederick Ferlinghuysen-First Tutor
John Taylor
John Taylor-Tutor
David Annan
David Annan
James Schureman
James Schureman
Simeon DeWitt
Simeon DeWitt
Pierre Van Cortlant
Pierre Van Cortlant