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Finding Aid

John Bogart Letters - Finding Aid

Dates: June 20, 1776-Nov. 17, 1782

Content: Correspondence

Extent: 2 Folders

Provenance: Acquired from Charles T. Anderson, 1911

Access: Collection is open to research.

Biographical Note: See Bogart Letters. Page 39 "The Writers"

Scope and Content Note:

Acquired by Rutgers University because of the historical relevance to the University, the Bogart Letters contain data on some of the early students, many which became prominent in the society both during the American Revolution and later years. Correspondence reflects the concerns of people during that time period and the decisions that needed to be made by John Bogart as to career and his future. Small details of the American Revolution as related by John's Correspondence with his friends and family give a clear idea as to the atmosphere of life at the time.

Letter: #1

Date: June 28, 1776

To: John Bogart, New Brunswick

From: John Stagg, New York

Description: This reply to John Bogert's request for information on the Tory Plot, states that a man was executed for “intending to murder” George Washington. The Mayor [David Mathews] confessed that he received money from Governor Tryon to hire men to execute the plot.

Letter: #2

Date: June 29, 1776

To: John Bogart, Student at Queen's College at Nth Branch and Mr. Vanarstdallen

From: David Annan, Wallkill

Description: Exclaims the joys of the memories of smoking with his friends. Includes mention of the reason why [David] couldn't meet with Vanarstdallen while Vanarstdallen was at his father's house.

Letter: #3

Date: August 10,1776

To: Simeon Dewitt

From: John Bogart

Description: John Bogart tells of his application of the Study of Logick.

Letter: #4

Date: August [1776]

To: John Bogart, North Branch of Raritan From: Simeon DeWitt

Description: Response to John Bogert's letter of August 10, 1776 --in the P.S.—mustering of the militia including Simeon Dewitt and his father.

Letter: #5

Date: October [4], 1776

To: John Bogart, New Brunswick

From: S.D.Witt [i.e. Simeon DeWitt]

Description: Dewitt submits a bit of literary thought for Bogert to critique. Includes description of a woman whose apparent grace is marred by “a nose that touches her chin”.

Letter: #6

Date: October 5, 1776


From: Johannes Bogart[?], North Branch

Description: 2 letters written on one sheet; one in Latin. Transcription available.

Letter: #7

Date: October 12, 1776

To: David Annan

From: John Bogart

Description: Review of mutual memories.

Letter: #8

Date: March 23, 1777

To: John Bogert [i.e. John Bogart]

From: Simeon Vanartsdalen

Description: Topics include General Howe, smallpox inoculation, the effects of war, BerrickKroesen.

Letter: #9

Date: August 6, [19]77

To: John Bogart, North Branch of Raritan

From: Simeon DeWitt, Rochester

Description: General greeting.

Letter: #10

Date: October 1st 1777

To: John Bogart

From: Simeon Vanartsdalen, Northampton, Bucks County

Description: Simeon tells John of his sickness and having received the news that [Queen's] College would be reopened. He wonders if Mr. Taylor is with John or with his battalion. People have moved valuables across the River fearing the approach of the enemy, which is believed to have drawn their lines from Germantown to Frankfort.

Letter: #11

Date: October 13th 1777

To: John Bogart, North Branch of Rariton

From: Simeon Vanartsdalen, Northampton, Bucks County

Description: Simeon tells of his thoughts about returning to studies, his thoughts on the war, and his comparison of females to Loadstones. Simeon tells of The Regulars attempting to raise breastworks on shore to prevent our Row Gallies [from] annoying their shipping.

Letter: #12

Date: Dec 6th 1777

To: Mr. John Bogart Student, North Branch Rariton

From: Simeon Vanartsdalen, Northampton, Bucks County

Description: Simeon indicates the evacuation of Forts below Philadelphia and that General Washington is unlikely to attack the City. He expects the army being encamped at White-Marsh and Edge-Hill will move to in his pursuit of studies “I am much interrupted” by the army.

Letter: #13

Date: February 14, 1778

To: Mr. John Bogart Student

From: Simeon DeWitt

Description: Simeon tells John that he would like to know more about what is going on with him and his old friends (Lansing, Taylor, Simeon). He tells of Mr. Annan becoming a preacher. Much of the letter tells of the “storm” of the war and of the surrender at Saratoga.

Letter: #14

Date: Aprile 27th-1778

To: Mr John Bogart Junr, Rariton

From: Saml Smith Kaptn 5th P. Regt

Description: Saml speaks of Camp and the Rifflemen near Middle Jersey on Schoolkin River. He tells of troops arriving daily from other states to help send away the enemy.

Letter: #15

Date: June 25th, 1778

To: Mr John Bogart Junr.Rariton, New Jersey

From: S. Vanartsdalen,Northampton, Bucks County

Description: Simeon speaks of traitors who turn in their neighbors to the enemy.

Letter: #16

Date: July 27th, 1778

To: Mr. John Bogart, Rariton

From: Schureman

Description: Schureman explains to John that it is the “disorder of the times” that prevents him from corresponding regularly.

Letter: #17

Date: No date

To: Jno. Bogart, North Branch

From: Schureman

Description: Schureman says he will gladly apologize for his lack of correspondence with John, should John visit with him at Cranberry.

Letter: #18

Date: Octr 8, 1778

To: John Bogart

From: Simeon DeWitt

Description: Simeon gives his excuses for not writing to John, and not visiting with him while in Brunswick.

Letter: #19

Date: July 2, 1779

To: John Bogart

From: John Taylor

Description: John Taylor explains what John Bogart should plan to have the students do in John Taylor's absence.

Letter: #20

Date: July 25, 1779

To: John Bogart, North Branch of Rariton

From: Simeon DeWitt, New Windsor

Description: Camped at New Windsor, Simeon talks about surveying the mountains and the “flogging we have given the enemy at Stony Point.” “His Excellency” [George Washington] is at West Point.

Letter: #21

Date: 2 August 1779

To: John Bogart, North Branch of Rariton

From: Nicholas Lansingh, Albany

Description: Men from Col Van Schayick Regt were attacked by Indians near Fort Schuyler.

Letter: #22

Date: [1779]

To: John Bogart Esquire

From: Simeon DeWitt

Description: Simeon tells John that John does not correctly describe Simeon's current undertakings [cartography] and suggests more accurate descriptions.

Letter: #23

Date: Jany 10 1780

To: John Bogart

From: Simeon DeWitt, Morristown

Description: Simeon declares that there is nothing going on so that all there is left to talk about with people is the weather.

Letter: #24

Date: March 1, 1780

To: Jeremiah Smith, Student, Millstone

From: John Bogart

Description: John writes about the isolation that he feels.

Letter: #25

Date: March 9, 1780

To: Mr. Bogert [i.e. John Bogart]

From: Jno Taylor [i.e. John Taylor]

Description: Taylor puts before John a request to teach Mr. Betran's son.

Letter: 5926

Date: May 8, 1780

To: John Bogart, Student, North Branch of Raritan

From: Nicholas Lansingh

Description: Nicholas has heard through Taylor that John is “engaged in the study of divinity”. Nicholas provides advice.

Letter: #27

Date: May 8. [17]80

To: Jno Bogart [John Bogart]

From: Simeon Dewitt

Description: Simeon asks why John has not written. He tells John that he has just looked over a letter that he will send to Mr. Taylor and wonders how he will be able to write an elegant letter to John [Bogart]. His thoughts are distracted as he hears drums which he assumes come from captain Vanhorn and the guard. Simeon has acquired a fiddle and is learning to play.

Letter: #28

Date: June 3rd. 1780

To: John Bogart, Student, North Branch of Raritan

From: Nicholas Lansingh

Description: Nicholas talks about his religious beliefs and the problems of the times. He mentions that Sir John Johnson with the British and Hessian troops along with Indians have burnt Cagnawaga. Governor Clinton went after them with the militia.

Letter: #29

Date: June 5th. 1780

To: Mr. John Bogart Junr North Branch of Raritan

From: Simeon Vanartsdalen Hillsborough

Description: Simeon argues that the Dutch that studies Theology but didn't study Nature should not try to refute the claims made by the [scientists] without first removing their own prejudices.Simeon gives reasons why shin-curtains are subject to damage during the cold weather. He also talks about Nat. Philosophy of which he has recently started study.

Letter: #30

Date: June 26, 1780

To: John Bogart, N. Branch of Raritan

From: S[imeon] Dewitt, Morristown

Description: As Simeon packs up to leave Morristown and go to West Point, he speaks of having seen Taylor and other N. Branch acquaintances recently. Simeon states that if the enemy should attack the Works at the Highlands, John would hear of “Bloody Noses.” Timothy Ford has some healing wounds.

Letter: #31

Date: August 14, 1780

To: John Bogart, N. Branch

From: J Smith, N. Branch

Description: In preparation for his examination for his diploma, Smith must hurry back to Wallkill. Smith asks John if he knows where he can get some parchment for a diploma and if John would prepare it for him for signing. Smith has left John's books with Mr. Taylor and will return them when he returns.

Letter: #32

Date: Nov. 13, 1780

To: Mr. John Bogart

From: Simeon Vanartsdalen, Northampton, Bucks County

Description: He tells John about the effigies of [Benedict] Arnold and the devil that he has seen paraded through Philadelphia.

Letter: #33

Date: March 28, 1781

To: John Bogart, North Branch

From: Simeon Vanartsdalen, Northampton, Bucks County

Description: Speaking of the passions that have resulted in many babies for youths, Simeon tells John Bogart of Simonson's marriage stating that Simonson's reasons for marriage must be companionship. Simeon describes his son.

Simeon has heard of battles between the French and the British in the Cheasapeak. He has also heard reports that Cornwallis and his army have been taken prisoner.

Letter: #34

Date: May 8th 1781, May 9th 1781

To: John Bogart

From: Simeon DeWitt

Description: Simeon tells John that there are times that one gets tired of doing things just as they are begun. The second part of the letter tells John that Mr. Annan has come for a visit. Simeon states that the war is taking its toll and that all people seem to care about is money

Letter: #35

Date: August 1, 1781

To: John Bogart

From: Simeon DeWitt

Description: Speaking of the war, Simeon tells of the losses that families face and the destruction of the land.

Letter: #36

Date: Sept. 29, 1781

To: John Bogart, North Branch

From: Tim Blauvelt

Description: Telling John that Mr. Henry will bring parchment, He asks John to write his [Tim's] diploma and return it via Mr. Henry for the Board of trustee meeting on Oct 3.

Letter: #37

Date: Oct. 18, 1781

To: Sir [John Bogart]

From: Nicholas Lansingh

Description: Nicholas suggests that John accept the offer from the corporation if John has decided not to study the Divinity.

Letter: #38

Date: Nov. 13, 1781

To: John Bogard [i.e. Bogart], Studen

From: Jacob R. Hardenbergh

Description: Jacob speaks of how John's illnesses are more signs that John is being called to the study of the Divine. He also speaks of the state of grace when a person wishes to be free from sin.

Letter: #39

Date: Jan. 31, 1782

To: Sir [address on outside is to John Bogart, Rariton New Jersey]

From: Nicholas Lansingh, Manor Livingston

Description: Nicholas lets John know that the Corporation is “amazed” that John has not yet answered their request.

Letter: #40

Date: March 3, 1782

To: Mr. Bogert [i.e. John Bogart]

From: Jno Taylor [i.e. John Taylor]

Description: Jno lets John know that there is a vacancy for a position in New Brunswick and asks John to think about it.

Letter: #41

Date: April 11, [1782]

To: Mr. Bogert [i.e. John Bogart]

From: Jno Taylor [i.e. John Taylor]

Description: Jno asks John to consider staying on and not going to take the position at the Albany school, citing the lower salary that he would make in Albany.

Letter: #42

Date: April, 1782

To: [address on outside is to John Bogart Rariton] Lantsman

From: Isaac Blauvelt

Description: 2 Riddles

Letter: #43

Date: May 1, 1782

To: John Bogart, Raritan

From: Jno Taylor [i.e. John Taylor]

Description: Taylor tells John that the Academy of Albany wishes him to be Director and procure another teacher. Taylor also asks John to come for a visit.

Letter: #44

Date: Aug. 16, 1782

To: John Bogert [i.e. Bogart], N. Brunswick

From: M.D. Henry, Fort Henry

Description: Henry asks if he may be John's roommate at college. He says that if John and Mr Taylor leave, Queens college cannot survive.

Letter: #45

Date: Aug. 9, 1782

To: Sir [John Bogart]

From: Mathew Light, South Hampton, Bucks County

Description: Mathew asks the person to “write” his master degree for which he provides parchment and wording.

Letter: #46

Date: Aug. 27, 1782

To: Cornelius Simonson, Griggstown

From: John Bogart

Description: John says that his health, specifically his swollen leg, has partially been to blame for his not visiting Cornelius. The English fleet is at the Hook and John wonders their intentions.

Letter: #47

Date: Nov. 17, 1782

To: Sir [i.e. John Bogart]

From: Jno Taylor [i.e. John Taylor]

Description: Taylor gives health reasons that Bogert should spend the winter with the Corporation of Albany.