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Friends of the NJ Book Arts Symposium

Second Annual New Jersey Book Arts Symposium

Book Arts and Education, or, Preaching What We Practice

Friends of the NJ Book Arts Symposium

Bookbinder's Warehouse, Inc.

31 Division Street

Keyport, NJ 07735-1522


Phone: (908) 264-0306

Fax: (908) 264-8266

Suppliers of materials for hand bookbinding, including leathers, cloth, paper, vellum and parchment, bookbinding equipment, tools and supplies, "how-to" books on bookbinding, papermaking, marbling and related book arts.

The Guild of BookWorkers

521 Fifth Avenue

New York, NY 10175

Membership in the Guild is open to all interested persons. A national organization representing the hand book crafts, it numbers among its members hand book binders, restorers, illuminators, calligraphers, private press printers, papermakers, librarians, and collectors especially interested in these fields. The membership includes both professionals and amateurs. The Guild offers a bi-monthly newsletter, sponsors workshops, lectures and presentations, issues a bi-annual journal, maintains a well-stocked library for members' loans, and hosts a bi-annual travelling exhibit of members work.

Information about the Guild, and a look at their current exhibition, may be viewed at:

Iris Nevins, Hand-Marbled Paper

P.O. Box 429

Johnsonburg NJ 07846

908-813-8617; fax 908-813-3431

Iris has been a professional marbler for the past 17 years. She marbles in the traditional water based manner in use for many centuries. Her specialty is recreating early papers. In September, 1996, Iris took over Decorative Papers, the marbling supply business, supplying watercolor and acrylic marbling colors, tools and other marbling supplies.

Ocker & Trapp, Library Bindery, Inc.

P.O. Box 229

17C Palisade Ave.

Emerson, N.J.

07630-0229 800-253-0262

fax: (201) 265-0588


Ocker & Trapp is a New Jersey Bindery, dedicated to craftsmanship in Library Binding, as well as Conservation.

The Davey Company

The Davey Company is a manufacturer of high quality, high density paperboard products called Binders Board which sells into the Graphic Arts industry, and more specifically, the Bookbinding industry.

Information about The Davey Company can be found at [Wayback Machine]