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Eighth Annual New Jersey Book Arts Symposium

The Art of Keeping It Together

November 8, 2002

John Cotton Dana Library, Rutgers, Newark Campus Newark, New Jersey

Workshop:/ Pronto Plates by Eileen Foti

Artists Presentations

  • MaryAnn Miller
  • Karen Guancione
  • Sarah K. Stengle
  • Jacqueline Clipsham


  • June Wayne: "Artists' Books and the Genesis of Tamarind"
  • Lorraine Piroux: "Monkey Business at Utopia Parkway: The Books of Joseph Cornell"
  • Mindell Dubansky: "Blooks: Things That Look Like Books, and Why"
  • Heyward Ehrlich: "Kabbalah: Oral and Visual"

Opening for Exhibition at John Cotton Dana Library, curated by Karen Guancione.

Program [PDF]

Original program page in Wayback Machine