New Jersey Book Arts Symposium

2001 Photos: Book Artists' Jam

Seventh Annual New Jersey International Book Arts Symposium

Photos: Book Artists' Jam

At the Book Artists' Jam, book artists displayed original work on tables provided by the Dana Library, while everyone walked around looking and chatting up the artists. In addition to original art, Nancy Tomasko showed long sheets of handmade Chinese paper, and Sister Sheila Flynn the textile art of South African artists. The Jam lasted until 6:00 PM, nine hours after the Symposium began.


Rand takes a last look

Gordon Murray


Gordon Murray

Béatrice Coron and Mary Olive Stone


Book Arts are Lucrative!! Béatrice makes a sale.

Lynne Allen saying goodbye to Pam Scheinmann


Relaxing at a break

Students relaxing


Students celebrating

Brodsky summation


Dressed for summer

Burn critiquing vendor


Vendor redux

Béatrice Coron and Karen Guancione



Cut! (Beatrice Coron (Finger Cutter) and Karen)


Karen and Beatrice return.

Lourdes and Gerard